Wednesday, May 26, 2010


Many years I've spent searching solace
On the road, in the sky, on my shoe lace
The answer, found today and ends tomorrow
Brings joy with it and sorrow

Because I'm designed in layers and my face
can give you a lie without a trace
And the unfunny jokes that I pretend to borrow
Will convince you without frown on your brow

There was always something out of place
A smile to fake, a dream to chase
No home that was home to the marrow
Guilt hanging above, a shadow, a crow

The answer just struck me today: this place
was where I could act with comfort and grace
But life is funny, and one year is narrow
it all ends when I graduate tomorrow.

(See minute 2:20)


Anonymous said...

A fire place
With solace, with grace
Indeed, it is narrow
When comes tomorrow ...

Congratulations Teez,
Can't wait to see you back here at J-town

Rob Baiton said...


So, what's the plan from here?