Saturday, August 07, 2010


The Portuguese term for “you’re welcome” that is pronounced Ji-Na-Da. In a literal sense it translates to “for nothing”.

‘Thank you.”

“For nothing!” (with an audible smile)

But the way the Brazilians express it is a charm that far surpasses the mere meaning of the word. The middle “Na” part of the word is stretched out and curved, like the gentle pull of a guitar string just before it is plucked. The prolonged syllable dips and rises and dips again with a mellowness, enjoying every minute of the millisecond journey, before it swoops to join its next syllable.


Oh, what a difference a syllable makes. The result is a sound so genuine, lilting, and bright, that you can’t help but be convinced that they are, as a matter of bottom-hearted fact, truly happy to have helped you.

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